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Shrink wrapping with the wrapping machines to protect the boat

Shrink wrapping refers to the process of using shrink wrap film, a material made of polymer plastic film, to shrink tightly over products and bind them together for easier, more cost-effective packaging, shipping, handling and display. We have the experience to wrap your boat in any situation. Boats that are to be stationary for the winter get wrapped to shed ice and snow from their shields, whereas boats that will be elated are mainly covered to protect them from dirt, damage, and other hazards.

boat shrink wrapping

Even though last winter was pretty mild, there was still one afternoon when we were trying to drain boats that had covers full of ice and engine lids that were literally frozen shut. There was less than 24 hours warning before that freeze. The previous season we had numerous boats that were damaged due to freezing temperatures that could have been prevented. With many different colors and types of shrink wrap, it also provides visual appeal to many products, packaging merchandise to enhance the image and help sell the item. We offer shrink wraps which is a polyethylene with UV inhibitors and is formulated to shrink when heated to create a seal that is much tighter. This seal effectively keeps the weather out of your boat and prevents stretching, tearing tarps. The boats are effectively needed to be shrink wrapped since winter can harm the outside of the boat. Hence we offer shrink wrapping for your boats that add a layer of armor for your boat’s protection. Most of those who don’t winterize, or don’t winterize properly, only find out something is wrong in the spring when brown froth starts spewing through a crack in the side of the engine block or what looks like chocolate milk appears on the dipstick.