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Shrink wrapping of boats can be done in different sizes and shapes

Shrink-wrapping your boat is like adding a layer of armor to your boat's protection. The winter can be harmful to the outside of your boat if not protected. Shrink wrapping your boat adds an extra layer of protection to keep moisture, pests, and damaging winds away from your boat’s interior and exterior. Any size boat to your largest yachts can be shrinking wrapped at the location.

When many boaters winterize their boat, they shrink wrap their vessel to get that strong layer of protection. The fabric cover can be easily installed so that the boat will be protected.

If you have a requirement that we cannot meet from our stocked product then we may be able to manufacture a custom product to your specification.

Shrink wrapping is probably not a job you are going to tackle yourself. Many marine dealers offer this service, usually charging by the foot of boat length.

The shrink-wrap material is non-permeable, so it’s important that the boat is as dry as possible before it’s wrapped, and that vents are installed in the wrap so it can breathe during storage. Keel blocks have been known to sink into soft ground during winter thaws as well as the spring thaw. This can place added stress on the hull where the boat stands land. Before you shrink-wrap or otherwise prepare a boat for storage, however, it’s important to have the engine winterized. While somebody with the right tools and a good knowledge of marine engines can winterize a boat engine at home, it’s usually best left to professionals. In many cases, these same professionals also offer shrink-wrap services and may also offer indoor storage for boats. Deformation and even hull cracking can occur. Storing a boat at home over the winter is generally the cheapest option for boat owners, especially if they have a garage or barn big enough to accommodate their boat. If they don’t have a structure large enough at home, however, they’ll need to store the boat outside.

boat shrink wrapping
boat shrink wrapping

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John Smith

We have been satisfied with each service, and their suppleness to work with our time schedule. Their consistency and personal attention is excellent.

Sarah Kelly

We have conventional the best possible care and it is absolutely give confidence the customers to use the reusable covers and hence recycling is carried out.

Frank Miller

Shrink wrapping works huge for storage. We use a UV stable plastic so the plastic with stands the harmful UV rays.

J Eliot

We shrink wrap boats and equipment for protection while in transit. The shrink wrap is perfect for items being elated by road or sea.

Additional information to protect your boat from winter

Shrink wrapping your boat is very important as the boating season comes to an end and the winter season, when boats need to be put up in storage, approaches. The weather is the biggest enemy of any boat, as it can damage a boat in many ways if you are not careful, and can make it so that you have to spend the entire following season repairing the boat instead of using it. Boats that are not carefully stored and protected will be exposed to this weather, something that can cut down on the span of the boat’s life dramatically. First the boat is prepped to accept a support structure made with support poles and strapping lines tied bow-to-stern and port-to-starboard. This gives the plastic a skeleton to lie on and to keep the plastic off different parts of the boat. Multiple support lines are carefully suspended from the deck of the boat and support a belly line that runs 360 degrees around the boat's hull. Once this structure is complete, a single piece of plastic is cut and draped over the boat and secured to the belly line. The plastic must then be sealed and heat welded together to create a snug fit around the top and sides of the boat.

boat shrink wrapping

The plastic then gets tied down tight and completely heated to make it shrink to the skeleton and the boat. The final step is to ventilate the boat and fine-tune the wrap such as taping up any holes. A cover is even more important for a boat stored on a lift. As with boats stored on the hard, the hull is exposed to the air, so make sure to winterize well before the freezing temperatures arrive. Metal is also used for some frames in the boat shrink wrapping process.

boat shrink wrapping

Electrical conduit is widely available and cheap. Several companies make clamps and accessories to make building the frame even easier. If you have a requirement that we cannot meet from our stocked product then we may be able to manufacture a custom product to your requirement. We will take down anything additional that we need to in order to protect the boat before we build our support structure.

boat shrink wrapping

We try to cover as much of the boat as we can. In most cases this means down below the water line and below any exposed stripes. We use extra protective tape to tape all seams and folds to ensure your boat stays tight and strong all winter long. Boats sinks if the owners don’t regularly visit boats which are in water, they may become vulnerable to the slow failure of a small underwater fitting that might have been noticed and fixed.

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